We all have the absolute right to reach out, without holding back, toward what we care about more than anything. Whether we describe the recipient as God, or a profound sense of indestructible love, or the dream of a kinder world, it is in the act of offering our hearts in faith that something in us transforms… We don’t stand on the sidelines but leap directly into the center of our lives, our truth, our full potential. No one can take that leap of faith for us; and no one has to. This is our journey of faith.     ~ Sharon Salzburg, Faith


Asalaam Aleykum ~ Peace and Blessings Be Upon You

20150905sa0433-jamila-tharpWelcome to Community Vision Healing

I am glad you are here. My name is Jamila Tharp. I am a spiritual guide, facilitator and consultant. I am both a Unitarian Universalist minister and a Imam for Redwood Unity Mosque Initiative.  

These are interesting times that we live in. Resiliance is what comes to mind when I think about what we might need to address the challenges in our life. Packed into being resilient is our capacity to negotiate our challenges while maintaining a deep connection with that which invigorates us, recharges us, our faith. Faith is built upon our beliefs, our values and our ethics. Hopefully, all of which are up for re-evaluation continually as we journey along in our lives. Faith is not belief in dogma. One need not have a faith in a religion per se to be a faithful person, just discerning and awake, conscious about making our lives meaningful. Faith not only centers the mind and provides a resting place for the heart. It is also the orienting guide of the hand. Faith is manifest in art. Faith is intimately related to doing. Our faith is revealed in our behavior. Faith is one’s sense of the ultimate character of existence.

I support people in living more fully and happily into their faith, their ethics and their values. I am passionate about giving people the tools they need to grow in every area of life. I offer a variety of services that have one thing in common. My services are designed to educate to counter oppression and to build just and sustainable communities. All of this requires community, vision, healing and faith on the personal, family and community levels where healing is interwoven in our systems of support.

I offer Spiritual Guidance, which includes approaching Peace of Mind Parenting as a spiritual practice. I help to establish spiritual resilant systems of support for building Beloved Communties Without Walls, which includes a spiritual development program both in person and online called Soul Matters Sharing Circles. I teach classes on Islam, Unitarian Universalism, Peace of Mind Parenting and Forgiveness in person and online in multi-religious gatherings.

Peace of Mind Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

I offer ten individual Peace of Mind Parent Guidance sessions either in person, by phone, on Skype or on Zoom along with a comprehensive work at your own pace at home 10 week online Parent Success Course.

As your Peace of Mind Parent Guide, I provide a deep transformational experience for you as a parent first, as you let go of your residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns left over from your own childhood and the way you were parented. Since the unconscious mind accounts for over 90% of our behavior, you will see a change almost immediately, even before you receive any parenting tools. Within the course, you are able to quickly release the old unconscious belief patterns and replace them with your own empowering beliefs—the ones that will truly support your best parenting.

What you’ll experience in your Parent Success Course is that there is no need for time-outs, consequences or punishments as a means to discipline your child. Instead, we work together with your new parenting tools to develop a deep connection with your child, so that you and your child have simple, effective communication, and an awareness of family values.

You and your child are able to easily move through conflicts within the home. You will nurture a deep connection that allows your child to feel safe to communicate with you through any situation.

My greatest reward comes from the positive transformational and healing shifts experienced by families and even by communities that flow from this sacred work. Ashley shares her journey with me as her guide here and Sonya shares her experiences with my online course and peace of mind parenting guidance here.

Is Peace of Mind Parenting Guidance for you?

Soul Matters Sharing Circles

Soul Matters Sharing Circles meet regularly for spiritual exploration, reflection, personal sharing, deep listening, and service.  If we meet in person, our group size is typically 8 to 10 members.  If we meet without geographic borders virtually, our group size is typically 6 to 8 members via Zoom technology.

Organic Multi-religious Healing Circles, also known as Sharing Circles, offer:

  • Intimacy: to help build community and provide opportunities for friendship.
  • Ultimacy: to provide an opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration and the search for meaning.
  • Efficacy: to provide opportunities for shared fellowship and deeper connection to a wider community.

A Sharing Circle is a group of up to ten people who meet regularly, typically weekly for 90 minutes for a common purpose of multi-religious exploration and beloved community building. The Sharing Circle’s structure offers a context in which we may speak of our lives and concerns with the expectation that we will be heard and respected, where there is safety, where we can consider many views without rancor. Members of a sharing circle come to know and trust each other, and the sharing circles are meant to be oases of community friendship within the larger context of community. In each circle, everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. Jamila provides a sacred container for meaningful engagement, learning, sharing, healing, joy, connection and being. One example of resources used is 1429727406, a Unitarian Universalist multi-religious sharing circle curriculum. Resources are tailored to the needs of each circle’s participants.

Redwoods Unity Mosque Initiative

Redwoods Unity Mosque Initiative (RUMI) is the newest addition to the El-Tawhid Juma Circle family of Unity Mosques. We are egalitarian, gender equal, and LGBTIQ affirming; and we practice shared authority. We welcome everyone who self identifies as Muslim as well as friends, spouses, family and allies.

RUMI meets once per month for El-Tawhid Juma Circle gathering on Friday 11:15 am to 12:45 pm. [More…]