20150905sa0433-jamila-tharpCommunity Vision Healing is an organic multi-religious community ministry, that builds Beloved Communities Without Walls, beginning with the primary social unity, the family, and extending into educating to counter oppression and into building just and sustainable communities in the public and private realm.

Jamila is a practicing Sufi Muslim Unitarian Universalist living in Northern CA where she facilitates and leads the Redwoods Unity Mosque Initiative’s weekly El-Tawid Jumma Circle. Internationally, she serves as an Imam for progressive Muslims offering via Zoom technology online pastoral care, healing circles, classes on Islam as well on Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi. Jamila travels to officiate weddings (nikkas), life celebrations (janazahs).

As an activist, a public policy planning consultant, a multi-religious leader, a writer, a teacher, a peace of mind parenting coach and a spiritual guide with a successful practice in the healing arts, Jamila is on track for Unitarian Universalist multi-religious community ministry. She has spent decades studying how people and communities heal.

Jamila has a B.A. degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and a M.A. degree in Urban and Regional Planning from The University of Iowa. In 2014, she earned her MDiv degree in multi-religious studies at a Unitarian Universalist theological graduate school, The Starr King School for the Ministry. Her concentration of studies is in Islam, in Unitarian Universalism, in policy making and in healing.

Jamila is also a certified Peace of Mind Parenting Coach from The Jai Institute for Parenting. She offers parents a 10 week Peace of Mind Parent online course accompanied with a once a week individual parent/life coaching session.  She gives educational talks, sermons and kutbahs. She offers organic multi-religious spiritual guidance and interfaith pre-marital counseling.

Jamila’s services are available via phone, skype or zoom as well as in person.