Outreach, Coaching, and Support Services

  • Coming of Age Sharing Circle For Girls. It is not always so easy to navigate the path from girlhood to womanhood with joy, with intentionality, and with plenty of support along the way. Yet, this is what we want for our daughters. We all deserve support. Our girls deserve support. As mothers, we need support. We do our best to figure out how to meet our child’s needs at each new developmental milestone while also maintaining our own balance. This is not always so easy. Helping our daughters to navigate the path from girlhood to womanhood is no exception. [More…]
  • Covenant Groups. A Covenant Group is a group of up to ten people who meet regularly for a common purpose. Covenant Group structure offers a context in which we may speak of our lives and concerns with the expectation that we will be heard and respected, where there is safety, where we can consider many views without rancor. Members of a group come to know and trust each other, and the groups are meant to be oases of community friendship within the larger congregation. [More…]
  • Peace of Mind Parent Coaching. My parent coaching approach is based on a “parenting through connection” philosophy. Parents are struggling. All around the world, parents know that they want to parent differently than they were parented. But many parents are so busy and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to garner the resources to change or even to begin to know how to start. [More…]


Online Materials, Tools, and Media

  • Small Group Curriculum. In seeking high quality resources and materials for facilitating Covenant Groups, Soul Matters is one of the sources I look to. If you’re involved in UU ministry, you may want to explore what they offer. Soul Matters is a distinctive small group curriculum. Like other small group programs, its central goal is to foster circles of trust and deep listening. [More…]
  • Using Zoom. For online small group meetings, presentations, and collaboration, I use Zoom. Click here to learn more.