“Jamila Tharp, a Peace of Mind Parent coach has helped me find that way, the way of parenting through connection. It hasn’t been easy, however; Jamila has been with me every step of the way…even when those steps felt like walking through cement! She has helped me leave my past limiting beliefs behind and has celebrated my progress whether big or small.” ~ Ashley Geisel [More…]


“Embarking on the 10 – week Peace of Mind Parenting course with Jamila Tharp has been transformative in the way that I parent. Jamila supported me on my journey to more peace of mind in parenting by listening empathically to my perspective on parenting struggles and by guiding me with compassion when I needed tools for enhancing my connection with my child.  This is the first parenting resource that I have found that takes a holistic approach on parenting. I felt supported to exam and to better understand my own childhood to make changes in my parenting.  My relationship with my daughter feels lighter and more connected than I imagined possible before I began the course.” ~ Sonya Woody