~ Ashley Geisel

Only a few months ago, I was a struggling single mother of three.

I went back and forth between being too passive and being too dominating. Nothing seemed to work in my house and I felt very, very defeated. I sought a parent coach to support me in finding a new way to parent and support my girls.

Jamal Tharp, a Peace of Mind Parent spiritual guide has helped me find that way, the way of parenting through connection. It hasn’t been easy, however; Jamal has been with me every step of the way…even when those steps felt like walking through cement! Jamal has helped me leave my past limiting beliefs behind and has celebrated my progress whether big or small. A wonderful part of this process was the complete support and guidance Jamal has provided me. Not only is my personal life coming together, but my professional life is going through a re-birth. Jamal gave me encouraging and dynamic guidance to start my own preschool program. Not only am I realizing a life long dream, I am home when my children need me.

All in all, I am more empathetic with my children and receiving Jamal’s guidance has really made a positive difference in my family’s lives. My oldest daughter came home from college and recognized a profound transformation in our home and family life. Jamal said that they wished that we had found Jamal as my Peace of Mind  Parenting spiritual guide years ago. This made me very proud to have her reflect back the positive changes I have made in my parenting style away from a more dominant model of parenting to a model of parenting through connection.

Today, my family works as a compassionate team. Not only am I ready to continue my walk, I am ready to lead the parade! I am forever thankful. I cannot recommend Jamal enough to anyone ready for a transformational change in how they are in their family, life and/or work. You need not live in her locale to solicit Jamal’s spiritual guidance. Jamal has been helping me from a far geographically by phone or via Skype.

I almost forgot to share that I have a thriving preschool school and successful business!